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Early learning programs are holistic, responsive, and developmentally appropriate. They focus on the healthy development of the whole child – social, emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual development. Children, family members and early childhood educators collaborate in enriching children’s learning and growth.

The Early Learning Program Guide is an important part of Saskatchewan’s early childhood development initiatives. The Guide affirms the importance of high quality learning experiences for all Saskatchewan children during their preschool years – three to five years of age.

A companion booklet to Play and Exploration: Early Learning Program Guide
This booklet provides information specific to the unique learning needs of infants and toddlers.  The booklet also includes a disc which contains slideshows highlighting environments and invitations for learning for these young children.

Creating Early Learning Environments is another booklet in the Into Practice series of supplementary web-based resources.  This booklet expands on the principle of stimulating and dynamic environments.  It provides key ideas to creating indoor and outdoor learning environments that accommodate the social-emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual aspects.  There are suggestions for creating invitations and experiential centres.  Each section offers educators 'Time to Reflect' pages.




Leading for Change is the first in the Into Practice series of focused resources.  This booklet supports early childhood education leaders to implement the Guide.  It provides key ideas on adult learning and change, practical suggestions and resource sheets.


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